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Thank you for visiting our site! My name is Eileen Brown and I'm excited to have you visit our site. I've been making cakes by scratch most of of life, but professionally for almost 12 years.

I personally started baking cakes professionally as a "joke" with a friend.  She had hired a baker to do her cake and I gave her grief for not choosing me.  She asked if I had ever done a wedding cake and of course I said no.  But, she decided to have me make her cake anyway, and ever since I've been buried in buttercream and sugar.  It's been a fun adventure, and I truly have a passion for making desserts.  Some people have thought I'm a bit "crazy" for trying some of the creations I have, but WOW it's been a great ride!  I love the creative side of cake artistry, and love to see what event will be next on my appointment calendar.

We believe that a cake for any special occasion should not only look beautiful, but should taste fantastic. Too many times, cakes at special events taste like sawdust and are highly disappointing to the palate,  even when they look spectacular. 

Ours are not only beautiful to look at, but wonderfully pleasing to taste. 

We also won't limit your imagination.  Want a cake to look like a fish for a grooms cake?  How about a 1960's themed cake?  Or maybe you're thinking of a cake that will look like a present for that special event.  We love to bring out the fun in any event, and will listen to your ideas and help sketch them out with you to bring your idea to reality in a designed dessert.

For flavors, We don't cut any corners.  All our cakes are made with the highest quality ingredients available and are with the freshest berries or fruit in the market.  We take great pleasure in offering a huge array of choices for both cake flavors and fillings. You won't find any box cakes in our bakery, nor anything "pre-made" or frozen. 

We are currently adding a Flash player to our website, in the interrim please click on our Gallery link above to see our creations.

We look forward to hearing from you for all your sweet dreams creations!

Eileen Brown




320 W Superior St
Duluth, MN 55802


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